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Background: From October 2013 Mrs. Bernadette Isaacs has been appointed to act as the representative of the South African Furniture Industry under the name NLOFM. The initial focus was to attend to the following key areas on behalf of the Furniture Manufacturing Industry. Establish and co-ordinate training and development of employees in the industry in accordance with the Fibre Processing and Manufacturing Seta (The Sector Education and Training Authority - SETA);

Create and maintain a comprehensive database for the National Furnitue Manufacturing Industry;

Act as Liaison Officer on behalf of the industry in all related matters.

In August 2015 the South Africa Furniture Initiative (SAFI) was registered and is a joint initiative of industry, labour and government & is formally constituted as a Non Profit Company (NPC).

The initiative has the common interest of providing the development, growth and transformation of the SA furniture manufacturing industry- for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Through its advanced design and manufacturing capabilities, the South African furniture sector will be recognized locally and internationally in specific markets segments by 2020, resulting in employment productivity growth, and positive transformation across the furniture value chain.


To support the realisation on the South African furniture industry's vision.


Provide market and industry information; facilitate industry to penetrate domestic and international markets; facilitate supply chain optimization; and promote effective manufacturing and design.
The identified projects:
  • Market Access
    • SA & Furniture review & opportunities
    • Buyer / Supplier engagements
  • Specialised support services
    • Technical skill
    • Design skills
    • Pre-production skills
  • World Class Manufacturing
    • Benchmarking
    • Lean support programmes
    • Materials Research
    • Energy reduction
  • Support chain
    • Retail quick response model
    • SMME support
    • System support
    • Logistics programme

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Bernadette Isaacs

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Furniture Industry House
7 Maritz Street

P O Box 1529